Yo! What's up, blood??

Yesterday, Bridge rushed me to hospital as I was feeling
very weak and had a sore throat. Of course this wouldn’t
have been hospital-worthy fodder if I wasnt being treated
for leukaemia. But with a neutrophil level of 0.5 an
infection can be very dangerous, so it’s advisable to
err on the side of caution.

Well I’m back at home today with prescribed antibiotics
to deal with any infection. Have a sharp, sore throat
and have very little energy. Am taking it very easy –
lying on a bed half-sleeping/half-reading with the sun
streaming in. Not so bad. If I find the energy I will
walk the London parks-I’d hate to waste the glorious
day! More later, my friends!

No, laughing matters!

Went for a walk though Holland Park and Kensington Gardens.
Weather is gorgeous and people were wandering around
with expressions of disbelief and joy. My throat is pretty
painful, so am not talking much. I have discovered that
it is most painful when I laugh. So I have spent the
whole day trying to see the un-funny side of things.
I am not very good at it. In fact, it hurts when I talk,
swallow or laugh- three of my favourite activities! Love,


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