A Corner : Day + 81

A big thank you for all the support out there- it is really appreciated.

Am happy to report a glimmer of hope in my mood, and it centres around guitar practice. Have felt inspired to start working on my classical and jazz guitar again. It is really tough after months of set-back- but adopting a “Me, Here, Now” approach really helps. Bridget and I are planning a “Return to Life” Guitar Duo concert over Christmas-(in a church in West London) you are all very welcome of course.

I’ve ditched the pills for a few days now- I’d rather feel the truth of how I feel- as excruciating as that might be- (the mornings are particularly desperate). But I guess our characters are determined by how we behave at our lowest ebb- so it’s time for me to decide who I am again. I walk as much as I can each day and now practise with as much care and gratitude as I can muster (easier said than done!)

I am not ashamed to admit that disappointment and depression are now part of my daily life- there are very real issues in my life- but hey I’ll just have to learn to hang with them for for a while. I will continue to report from the frontline with honesty and candour-more soon…

Follow your Bliss- Milton


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