Daylight: Day + 108

I would like to send my best wishes to all of those going through the cancer fight today.


Mile Stoned: Day + 100

Day 100 is here! It has oft been mentioned in hushed, reverent tones as a far-off mystical land that I may just reach one day if I am really, really good and lucky. Well it’s here. What’s more, I have a bone marrow biopsy on Thursday that may offer a little closure of sorts.

Bridget is being extremely patient and supportive with me. I am doing some sort of exercise each day: a 1-6 mile walk, a 1 km swim or a light jog.

London Rocks: Day + 91

Thank you all for your concern about yesterday’s horrible events in London. My family and friends are all well. The death toll has now exceeded 50 people with over 700 injured. Our thoughts are with all those directly and indirectly affected. Senseless, cruel and evil acts against innocent people is the only description I can make. The perpetrators can never hide their own personal responsibilty and shame behind any ideology. Damn those people who think only they know the truth and who have the arrogance to elect themselves as judges & executioners of others. But today, I am proud to be a Londoner and witness my fellow citizens get back to their work, lives and dreams undeterred.

Cat Splash

Monkey was extremely smelly yesterday, so Bridget decided to wash him. We purchased some ‘Cat & Kitten Shampoo’ and read the instructions carefully before commencing the procedure. I will now give you the instructions on the bottle followed by what we feel are more realistic directions for use.


Life Goes On… : Day + 86

Wow- closer and closer to that big day 100- and what a journey it has been. Am coping better these days- still a lot to deal with but no longer do I feel paralysed with depression- am just getting on with things now. Namely a daily walk (1-3 miles), guitar practise, some preparation for work, loving the cat etc. Some tough times still but am just carrying on with life as bravely as I can.

Time to thank Radley College YET AGAIN. Bridget and Simon had worked really hard, putting on another charity concert for the Anthony Nolan Trust. The rain held off this fantastic oudoor affair with a BBQ, Big Band, Soul Band and excellent Elvis tribute band. It was my first big day out since hospital and I (and my sis) was greeted with great warmth and support. Over