A Walk In The Park: Day + 195

Hello to all! A surprisingly bright day, my half-term holiday is here already so an opportune time for Bridge and I to walk the local parks and take some pics. (See the Pictures section) Am feeling physically stronger every day and in some ways I am back to ‘normal’- the cycling and music has really helped. There are certain things I cannot do at the moment: Work too hard, be around cigarette smoke and dark enclosed spaces are kind of unpleasant. Other than that, I am a stone (=14 pounds-20 dollars) underweight and still slightly anaemic (11.4 Hgb, aiming for 14) – a few more months of good food should help. (Starting with just one more square of that green & black’s almond chocolate) I am back into my food. Soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, a winter vegetable soup for lunch and a dinner of organic steak and brocolli is a typical day’s diet. This makes a change from a pink protein mix pumped by machine through my nose and directly into my stomach (Which let’s face it, is unlikely to feature on ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ anytime soon)

As day 200 approaches, what are my plans? Well am really into practising and writing music, I will try and update more often, get as much exercise as practically possible, spend some quality time with Bridge, my friends and family. I also have various musical ventures that I am spending my time and energy on, and I *may* continue my PhD in Music in December. I also want to put on some charity concerts over Christmas and hopefully offer some support to others facing big medical challenges. Basically I want to ‘live well’.

Man, life is short. How will you spend yours? Chat later- Milt


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