Readmittance: Day + 263

Got hit with an infection on Christmas eve and an emergency doctor came out Santa-like and prescribed antibiotics. Spent most of Christmas mumbling ‘utter nonsense’ in bed, with a fever. Bridget drove me back on Boxing day, and I have now been readmitted at Hammersmith Hoospital for antibiotic drips, tests etc. All pretty precautionary. Im feeling anywhere between fairly rotten and pretty okay. But to my great annoyance have had to postpone my USA trip AGAIN. I also am rather frustrated, I just want to feel OK and get on with things, but time to be a patient patient again. I will be staying at HH for a few days- I hope I am out for New Year’s Eve. I won’t be able to update often-but wishing you happy in-betweeny-christmas-and-new-year-thing. Bridget has been making the best of it, stocking me up with good food for my stay.

All the best- enjoy the turkey sandwiches… Milton


Murky Crimbles: Day + 259

Okay before we are off to Wales for Xmas, I would like to wish you all very, very happy holidays. Try and leave at least a few brain cells intact after the mindless television marathons, spare a thought for the battery poultry that we devour, learn to forgive the brats for their staggering ingratitude and ability to irritate and practise ways to look surprised and delighted at yet another utterly useless present. Try and repress the urge to attack any family members, throw overcooked dinners through the window, vomit at yet another xmas card whose sole purpose is to show off pictures of their children and show how painfully happy they are, and tell that family member, that no, actually a complete analysis of the interior workings of the late 90’s Ford Mondeo is not the most rivetting account imaginable. But do remember to be grateful for what, and who you have in life. On that note I will pass you our christmas cards and wish you a wonderful time with much love.

This card is for people who are offended by the word ‘fuck’

And this one is for people who are not offended by the word ‘fuck’

Merry Xmas!!! milt xxxxxxxxxxxx

High Places: Day + 258

Me, again. Who else? Well I’ve been pretty busy. Things I have done these 8 months post-BMT: Travelled to the Lake District, Scotland & Greece. Played squash twice (& won twice) , cycled dozens of times. Written, with Bridget, four months of articles for Guitar Techniques Magazine, organized a big concert for January, planned a trip to Dallas, Texas for new year, presented a research paper at the University to an excellent response, got pretty drunk at an office party and ended up dancing to ‘Killing in the name’ and ‘Tubthumping’, made some important new friends, been flooded, played 2 gigs with Bridget, practised alot of guitar and have pretty much got my playing at least as good as before cancer, written a rhythmic analysis computer program, been out many times, drunk endless cappucinos, read 12 books, memorized the birth and death dates of 50 composers, 100 artists and the reigns of all the British Monarchs since 1066, won an award for ‘advancements to music technology education’,swam in the mediterranean, chatted with Frank Gambale(world-class guitarist) ,written some new music, had my videos used to train medical students, taught 5 course at the Royal Academy of Music, panelled the entrance auditions at the Royal College of Music with the fantastic guitarist, Carlos Bonnell, lost some friends, given my sister away(in marriage!), raised several thousand pounds for cancer charities, argued with complete strangers, had the car towed away, caught up with some childhood friends, spent WAAAY too much money on myself and found a new love for life and sense of self-confidence and pride. Is it enough? Not even close!

Today I went to the funeral of the pianist Chris Ross, who lost his battle with leukaemia 2 weeks ago. He was 44, possessed a rare musical talent and love of life. He also had many, many friends. I have to say it was a devastatingly sad experience, but I was profoundly moved and inspired by the courage of Marisa and Chris’ children and the stories of Chris’ life. It was wonderful to see so many people there who had been touched by his life, among them several mutual students and a one of Chris’ nurses (who was important to me also at Hammersmith Hospital) So an excruciatingly sad yet spiritually uplifting day.

So what the hell it all about? I don’t know but at the end of it all, all our life amounts to is what we leave behind in the hearts of others. Nothing more, nothing less. The one that dies with the least regrets and the greatest positive impact, wins.

So time to get on with life… Milt

No More Mr. Nice Chap: Day + 254

I’m back. “So soon?” I hear you cry. “Yes”, I reply rather breezily. “Oh” you say. The end.

Well tickets are going- how exciting! Please come by clicking here It would be so nice to meet you and share the experience 🙂

My good friend, colleague and master violinist, Mark Messenger is running the London Marathon in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust. I am very moved and grateful, please support him! Let me be clear: he is a musician and he is running a marathon. So do the good thing, sponsor him and feel smug for a while. Why? Because you’re worth it.

In other news, I have discovered that despite being a very mellow and peaceful guy; I am getting into arguments ALOT more than I did pre-cancer. Arguing with smokers in non-smoking areas, queue-bargers, rude service personnel, tele-sales people, Jehovah Witnesses, jobworths, cheeky students… Come to think of it I guess I’m not that peaceful. Anyway so on SATURDAY, we were out Christmas shopping having a nice time and all. Then on Kensington High Street, near the tube, I was carrying lots of bags and this woman coming towards me blew smoke right into my face. Not in an-oh-so-sexy-and-seductive way, more of I-don’t-care-about-anyone-else-way, which I find less attractive. The weird thing is, I reacted IMMEDIATELY, without thinking. I swung round as she passed and whacked her in the arse considerably hard with a bag full of domestic goods. No thought: Smoke-bag-arse. The cycle was complete. Either she was terrified, remorseful or had a prosthetic arse, because she didnt come after me. If YOU are that lady, then stop blowing smoke in my face or I’ll smack you in the arse again, and this time with the toaster. Then today, in Starbucks I was loitering looking for a seat while Bridge got the cappucinos in. A table became available and a younger woman trotted up to claim it. Now, no big deal, but I was in the queue in front of her. Pre-cancer, I would have let her take the stupid table, but today I just slipped right past her and sat down completely neutral and unphased. An argument ensued whereby she verbalized her less than generous opinions of me, and I did a shruggy “I was here first” thing. The nearby tables supported HER, cause they hadnt seen ME waiting around, but I just held my ground. She eventually backed off before kindly advising me to get “the fork off the table”- Perhaps it was dirty. It was nice of her to be so considerate despite our little difference. Anyway the point being, no-one messes with me now- I’ve faced cancer, so social disapproval is like a holiday.

Take care, but be dangerous! Milton

A Year of MiltCentral: Day + 251

This entry marks the one-year anniversary of MiltCentral. Stats for the year are over 150,000 visitors,