Rapid Response: Day +295

Wonderful responsees from the audience members at Saturday’s concert: Read


Tomorrow's Nostalgia: Day +294

The show was awesome.

How good was it? If you had the misfortune of not being there, I’m sorry to say you really missed out – come to the next one! All the players had a marvellous time, If the audience enjoyed it half as much as we did, then it was a truly great show.
Everything that could have gone wrong before the concert, did: I had to reprint 145 programmes because of a serious error, despite specific instructions the hall was literally FREEZING on the day- MASSIVELY compromising the rehearsals and physical preparation for the show (the classical guitarists suffered terribly from frozen fingers and performed formidably in the face of adversity)- noisy industrial heaters were brought in hours later-but the damage was done. Thanks Venezuela! May I remind you that this country is bloody freezing in January!
Oh yes and the car got towed while we were unloading gear. BAR STAR DOZE. But despite everything the gig was really great, I will be updating the pictures very soon.

While the show was just storming on, my great friend Steve Goss said to me “You realize that this is tomorrow’s nostalgia?” Nicely put.

My profoundest thanks to all the wonderful guitarists: Bridget, Steve Goss, Gary Ryan, Graham Roberts, Tristan Seume, Pete Callard, Chris Montague and… John Williams

Huge gratitude to all the audience and everyone else who supported the event.

If I had to choose between never having leukaemia or having battled leukaemia and getting the opportunity to have life experiences like this one – it would be a no-brainer 🙂


Were you at the concert? Did you take any pics or movies? If so please contact me. I’d love to see them.

Thanks! Milton

If you are interested in attending future events, stay tuned…

Milton's Big EGO concert

Milton’s first big post-cancer gig, featuring 8 sensational guitarists. The Eclectic Guitar Orchestra presents a melting pot of styles to warm up a winter’s night.

The Time? Saturday January 28th 2006. 7pm
The Place? Bolivar Hall, Venezuelan Embassy. 54, Grafton Way London W1T 5DL
The Cost? By donation. Suggested is

Deeply Floored: Day +283

Hello all. Today, I sent a fax to the great guitarist (not the composer) John Williams. Those of you who don’t know him, believe me when I say that he is THE most famous (…accomplished, important and most probably talented) Classical guitarist in the world today. Bar none. I sent him a simple but heartfelt letter about my concert ,why I was doing it, my experiences with cancer and the importance of music in my healing. I was hoping for some nice words from him to announce at the concert. Anyway he calls me within an hour, and says he would be delighted to play in the concert.
So he is playing some solos and a piece or two with my guitar orchestra. It is hard to express what an honour it is for us all. I just want to thank him for his generosity in providing his phenomenal musical services-and making the event even more special for me. Read about him here

What a year. I look at the pictures from a few months ago when I was on deaths door and too weak to move and now I am playing with my own orchestra of great musicians and friends…with John Williams

Tickets are going super-fast so I may have to increase the suggested donation level. Get in there quick if you are on the fence, you don’t want to miss this.

What a year, what a life. Excuse me, I will now go and jump up and down for a bit. Then cry. Then jump up and down again.

Live your best lives people, look forward to meeting some of you on the 28th! Follow your bliss, Milton

Not a rehearsal: Day +280

Life is not a rehearsal, but It contains them. Just like the one we had today for my concert

It was a real blast to have so many fine and diverse guitarists together for this event, and all I had to do was get Leukaemia. Not too hard.

Why don’t you come to the concert? It is by donation so pay as little (or as much) as you like. You will hear some great musicians, meet alot of people united by a) the desire to confront cancer and/or b) the desire to celebrate music and life. Details about booking are above. Come! I am doing this for a celebration of life not for money or glory!

Till the next time… Milton

From Hospital to Hospitality: Day +269

Okay, now this was a pleasant surprise: My would-be community in Dallas, Texas, when they heard I wasn’t coming created this video It was created by Ken & Kat Shimamoto. What a lovely thing to do, eh? It makes me look forward doubly to when I can get over there.

In medical news, I have inherited the Beta Thalassaemic trait from my sister. This is a condition when you have smaller, but more plentiful red blood cells. Nothing good, nothing bad but something interesting!

Am desperately trying to get the arrangements done for the concert so I’ll be off, then.

See y’all later: Texan Milt

GTFOOHA Day: Day + 265

I am back home! Apparently the infection has been adequately stamped out now. I spent each of the last 4 days like this: 6 hours of antibiotic inhaler (through a mask), 3 antibiotic drips one blood test, 10 or so general obs, an x-ray, a lot of coughing, fair amount of Xmas TV and a good 5 hours of daily guitar practice. It was the best hospital room I have ever stayed in, very clean, newly painted, a decent view, natural light, good artificial light, entertainment centre, well-sized and of course I had some music equipment to pass the time productively. Thanks for all your well wishes, I am doing okay, still a bit wobbly from the infection, isolation and powerful antibiotics. Just off to walk the London Parks with Bridget, then some music prep for the concert, a long discussion about goals for 2006 and if well enough, a party in the evening. When I was a kid I had a book about life in the future (the 21st century –woaah) and so where are my handheld video phones, computers in every home with enormous freely-accessible worldwide information library & discussion forum, powerful personal music studio, 100’s of tv channels, ultra-realistic computer games, miniturization of music libraries, alternate energy sources, space tourism, satellite navigation and smart ovens??? Oh. They are here. Okay now I want a robot called T.R.E.V.O.R. to do all the housework, advise me on fashion choices and call me ‘sir’ in a soothing monophonic tone. Flying cars, clean air and world peace now please.

Resolutions* (* I reserve the right to modify these at whim at any time during the year)

1) Enjoy/appreciate/live every day with gratitude, good humour, hope, patience arrrgh blablabla
2) Give up Caffeine. (Apart from a cappucino in early January and most days after.)
3) Immerse myself in creativity and make my lifes enjoyment

Happy New Year…love Milton