Revolutions, Resolutions + Evolutions: 5 am Day + 267

Happy New Year! Spent the evening at our friend Felicity’s house. Dinner & then endless songs on the guitar till 4am. My kind of party. Here are my:

(* I reserve the right to modify these at whim at any time during the year)

1) Enjoy/appreciate/live every day with gratitude, good humour, hope, patience blablabla
2) Be the best guitarist & musician that I can be. Do lots of gigs/creative projects.

3) Give up Caffeine. (Apart from a cappucino in early January and most days thereafter.)
4) Immerse myself in creativity and make my lifes experience a fundamental priority.
5) Get out and see the world, look after my body, take exercise
6) Make plans to move into a beautiful new home with lots of natural light, a large open-plan living-room, a music room, in a great location and a proper bedroom. Yes.
7) Spread honesty, positivity & inspiration as much as possible around me
8) Make Bridget’s year as good as I can.

9) Suck the marrow out of life!

There are many more. Feel free to post yours on the guestbook…

Make it a good one, it’s the only 2006 we have! Milton


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