Allan : Day +350

Very sad to report that Allan Miskell (Ontario, Canada) passed away on March 22nd at the age of 22 following a relapse of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Allan was a talented & busy percussionist and drummer and much loved (& sorely missed) by his family (Suzanne. Michael & Sara), best friend Caitlin and a huge community. I encourage you to pay tribute HERE(write a condolence and/or donate to Leukeamia Research Fund, Canada) Allan’s mother Suzanne has offered great support to me over the past months and I want to express my deep sympathy. Please join me. Milt x

Allan Miskell


Sponsor Monster: Day +348

You guys humble me. What amazing support for my run. Thanks. I have upped the target dramatically to 10k for the 10k. One British pound to one British meter. Just want to thank you all again. To be honest, when these generous amounts came rolling in I was rather embarrassed and felt like hiding. But Bridget said the immortal line: “Oh, Just take the money and run.” Genius.

Milt Forum: Day +348

Over the last few months I have had an overwhelming amount of SPAM (Can I just announce to the whole world that I do NOT, I repeat do NOT need VIAGRA, CIALIS or other prescription medications. I earned myself TWO university degrees and am not in the market for buying anothe- Don’t give me the third degree man. I am also extremely happy with my ‘size’ and I am, as it happens, not interested in transferring $23,000,000 from a Nigerian bank – not even for a 2% cut for my trouble.

For this reason I have just uploaded a lovely new guestbook and forum(oooh) Why don’t you be the first to post? Please help me make it a groovy happening, positive, helpful forum – wouldn’t that be great?

Cheque Mates : Day +348

Visited CancerBACUP HQ near Old Street, London. Shown around the offices by the hospitable Danielle Larner and Jane Murphy. Lovely people working hard to keep a good thing going (Advocacy/Informational/Support to those affected by cancer).

Presented a cheque for

Milt-on-air: Day +347

Been toying with the idea of doing miltlatest via PodCast, so those hard-of-reading folks who would rather hear my updates/music may do so and the lucky Ipod-ly ones could get automatic updates and carry them around their persons. Sounds interesting, maybe? So I (and my guitar, and monkey) did a short little technical test of it here.(Click on ‘listen’ under Podcast test, then hit play under the x-ray pic of my lungs)

Please let me know whether it worked or not (could you ‘subscribe’ to it? Did it appear in Itunes?) So do you think MiltOnAir is an idea with ‘wings’? Or is it the Icarus of podcasts??? Cheers, milt

Racing Ahead: Day +346

Okay, a little overwhelmed by the response to my sponsorship request. I was hoping for over

Underground Lines 2 : Day +343

Bond Street-Holland Park: Male early 20’s in white leather jacket with a Vespa badge and a ‘USA’ Cap.

Heeeeeeey, I’m…….

Vespa Man! Vespa Man!
Taking those corners as fast as I can.
Vespa Man! Vespa Man!

Don’t call it a lotion, it’s a tropical tan.

Rip in my jeans in a place just right,
You can’t take ME down in a fight.
Badges on white leather,
Cream baseball cap,

Nano-slick with the ladies,
Now THAT is a fact.

Vespa Man’s TOP!
Vespa Man’s COOL!
Vespa Man’s HOT!
Vespa Man!