Pick em up : Day +374

Sophie & Floyd showed up in a women’s mag called ‘Pick Me Up’ So I took the mag’s advice and did, here’s the article. Good on them- they are wonderful people! When she read it, Bridget cried into her cappuccino in StarBucks:) More later…. milt


Words : Day +373

The MiltChat forum & guestbook is hotting up with more than 40 wonderful people now sharing their experiences. Survivors, battlers, family and friends, you are all very welcome.

FYB, Milt

Legs : Day +373

Except for having to deal with a recent infection I have kept up the training, runing 3 short distances 4-5k and 1 long distance (7-10k) a week. I’d like to say its getting easier, but it is still a bit of an uphill battle. Am not complaining though, it is an enormous privilege to be able to move at all anytime after November 2004. And with a current sponsorship of

Gigs: Day +373

If anyone would like to come and hear me play a couple of nice (but free) gigs. 26th April Universiy of Surrey- Electric guitar and electronics improvised concert and May 1 Southbank Centre, Purcell Room Foyer 4pm, Bridget’s band (plus me + bass and drums) -lovely pop, country bluesy vocal tunes with words that mean something and no endless jazz solos. lol. Love to see you there!

News : Day +373

Sad to report the passing of my maternal grandmother, Ismene. She was an amazing woman and will be very fondly remembered. Farewell, Nana.

Definite Article : Day +366

The Evening Standard (First edition) ran a full page article about me on page 47- It is really well written I think. I have an electronic version here in case you missed it. Milt 🙂

“A slight, emotional figure” – Evening Standard. lol!

Lo Standard : Day +365

I am told that there will be an article on me in the Evening Standard tomorrow (Monday 10th April) on page 45 or 47. Haven’t seen it yet, so don’t know what to expect! Will scan a copy in case anyone interested misses it…It’s all lies I tell you lies!(Unless I come out good)

cheerio, milt 🙂