Running Commentary: Day 415

Just completed the 10K Charity Run. The total raised so far is


One of those days : Day 414

Hey all! I enjoyed my 35th Birthday yesterday. Played guitar most of the day and went with Bridge to see Derren Brown’s live show in the evening. I usually dislike magic but this guy is different, not hats and rabbits just amazingly interesting and impressive psychological techniques bordering on the Jedi. The BEST show of any genre I have ever attended. Just catch him whenever you can and I won’t say anything more. All in all I appreciated this birthday more than any other in my life- I just feel so f&cking grateful to be around.

Please spare a thought for 20-year old Gareth Mace A really cool and brave kid who is going through a terrible time with his treatment. I will be thinking of him in particular tomorrow when I do my 10K Charity run. I will also be carrying around these names with me- If you have a request for someone who is battling or has battled cancer/leukaemia to be included let me know soon- there is just an overwhelming number of brave people to remember. I will do my best for them, you all and myself tomorrow. Just don’t expect me to win 😉

The total raised is a funky

Spain Barrier: 410 days

Not sure if you know about this, but last month I was interviewed by the BBC for the Spanish/South American arm of the BBC Website: It was an article about 4 blogs from around the world (of which Miltcentral was one) You can read the article here- perhaps it will make more sense to you. Looks very nice though and some lovely people have responded from Mexico, Columbia and Venezuela. Ole!!

El Milto xxx

Greece Writing : 409 days

Just arrived back from a weekend in Greece- I went for the 40 day commemorative service of my grandmother’s funeral. A sad but somewhat uplifting event. It was followed by traditional greek coffee and food with many friends and family members. As much as I don’t relate to formal religious practice, it was a very good send-off.

What have I been up to? Well Bridge has been very busy with teaching at Radley and a ‘demanding filming schedule’ (Stylish Holland Park, eh?) Since the last update, I have had my ear pierced (quite fun actually), been training, run another 10K, started weight training again, completed the Academy’s new studios and had a week of events launching them, won my first ever pub quiz, did my first post-cancer function gig (It was refreshing to do a wedding gig when there was no attention whatsoever to my cancer- people there didn’t know or care just any other treated-like-waitstaff musician. I give them 6 months, tops:)). I also wrote an exam for RAM which leads me to my next story:

I had to get 50 16-page exams printed for the monday morning exam.
It was late on a Saturday and I went to a shop that was just closing but said they could do it double-sided ‘no problem’ in the morning.

When I went in the morning, the assistant insisted that double-sided was impossible so after much faffing I said f*ck it single-sided then.
I came back to find that he was printing 46 page 1’s then on top of that 46 page 2’s. So i had to re-sort them all in the shitty shop which took over an hour of my time while he stapled them. VERY badly. When at last it got to the end, he said it would cost

Up Jumped Spring : 1yr 25 days

I love the Spring. When it finally breaks it is never a disappointment and I feel just as good as a kid on the last day of term. Still it took its f&*^ng time.

Been really busy, since the last post: Bridge and I recorded a classical guitar piece at the Academy Studios, I’ve written a new ‘cello piece and had it performed by Nick Allen at the London College of Music, put in 4 funding applications for my work, rehearsed and performed 45 minutes of music for Bridget’s band at the South Bank (check out the pictures ) Rehearsed and performed with a 60-piece orchestra for the MAAM concert at the academy, been interviewed by the BBC for their website, worked on the Academy’s studios and been training for the 10K. Not enough time!

Bridge has been chosen to appear in a 7-series BBC programme in the capacity of the ‘Guitar Expert’. Her job is to be filmed teaching a tv ‘personality’ over 20 weeks in preparation for a big performance. Filming starts Friday… More as it unfolds. FYB, milt x