Up Jumped Spring : 1yr 25 days

I love the Spring. When it finally breaks it is never a disappointment and I feel just as good as a kid on the last day of term. Still it took its f&*^ng time.

Been really busy, since the last post: Bridge and I recorded a classical guitar piece at the Academy Studios, I’ve written a new ‘cello piece and had it performed by Nick Allen at the London College of Music, put in 4 funding applications for my work, rehearsed and performed 45 minutes of music for Bridget’s band at the South Bank (check out the pictures ) Rehearsed and performed with a 60-piece orchestra for the MAAM concert at the academy, been interviewed by the BBC for their website, worked on the Academy’s studios and been training for the 10K. Not enough time!

Bridge has been chosen to appear in a 7-series BBC programme in the capacity of the ‘Guitar Expert’. Her job is to be filmed teaching a tv ‘personality’ over 20 weeks in preparation for a big performance. Filming starts Friday… More as it unfolds. FYB, milt x


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