One of those days : Day 414

Hey all! I enjoyed my 35th Birthday yesterday. Played guitar most of the day and went with Bridge to see Derren Brown’s live show in the evening. I usually dislike magic but this guy is different, not hats and rabbits just amazingly interesting and impressive psychological techniques bordering on the Jedi. The BEST show of any genre I have ever attended. Just catch him whenever you can and I won’t say anything more. All in all I appreciated this birthday more than any other in my life- I just feel so f&cking grateful to be around.

Please spare a thought for 20-year old Gareth Mace A really cool and brave kid who is going through a terrible time with his treatment. I will be thinking of him in particular tomorrow when I do my 10K Charity run. I will also be carrying around these names with me- If you have a request for someone who is battling or has battled cancer/leukaemia to be included let me know soon- there is just an overwhelming number of brave people to remember. I will do my best for them, you all and myself tomorrow. Just don’t expect me to win 😉

The total raised is a funky


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