The End and the Beginning

Still in hospital, 7 days of 3 2-hour drips, 5 cannulars and 4 collapsed veins, 21 vials of blood removed, 7 all day breakfasts and 7 roast chicken suppers later and I’m still here. I have discovered that the pain killer Tramadol gives me an overwhelming dizzying sensation whenever I hear a B-flat above concert A. Completely accurate, repeatable and blind testable. This has fascinated my consultant who has been chatting to a neuroscientist about analyzing me for the sake of psychological understanding. It was only a matter of time.

Whispers of leaving tomorrow, we shall see. Feel pretty fatigued, particularly if I have felt well enough to have some visitors but then I sort of collapse. I predict I will be back to my normal level of activity in a couple of weeks or so- but who knows. This time I’m going to take it really easy, doing the sort of pottering work that I enjoy, (writing my new book, getting on with my PhD, writing some music, finishing the hyperbow project and doing some house stuff- but all VERY slowly with no stress or rush) It’s all okay if a bit frustrating, the 6 pack will have to wait a little longer!

Sometimes feel so tired I can hardly go on but(Edit) Oh screw it, I might as well live a bit longer, got nothing better planned.

Much love to all – milt


The Greenglish Patient…

Yes I’m back in hospital. It’s those damn shingles again. I can’t seem to get enough of them. That’s why I am now calling them Pringles.

Thanks to those who have sent well wishes, much appreciated. Keep sacrificing those goats (A joke in reference to the philosopher Dan Dennett) Bridget and the staff here are rather splendid as is my suite/ward at the Hammersmith Hotel/Hospital. I was in quite a lot of pain today, so they’ve given me an antiviral ‘iv’ for the infection and 2 little Matrix style pills (whose name I must remember) They are some kind of painkiller, and suddenly I get why Elvis wore those clothes in his later career. They are lovely. Everything is lit like a Barbara Cartland Novel, and just so…interesting. Not sure how I’m going to come off these. Damn my abstinent principles.

Until now, I’ve been REALLY well. Busy, happy and made some strides on the pilgrimmage to 6-pack mecca. I see these setbacks as my personal memento mori (sp?) lest I rest back on my laurels, and fail to be hardy. (clever)

But I’m sick, this damn herpes zoster is a virilent bugger and wants to take over my entire being. I don’t care much for the ant-viral medication, but my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

Best wishes to all. This sort of an infection can be really serious but I feel real tough about such things these days and I’m so conditioned to be a patient, that I’m close to jabbing the needles in myself, programming the machines and then going off to check how all the other patients are doing. I might even buy a stethoscope and grow thicker eyebrows .

Love (platonic) & thanks (socratic)