Spilling the Beans

My name is Milton and I’m a Coffee-holic. A big one. There I said it. I love the warm rush that calms yet inspires, I love anything from a black Americano to a Grande Semi-Wet Extra-Hot Semi-skimmed Cappucino. I love dreamily people-watching, and then excitedly making fix-my-life-to-do-lists in the after-glow of a perfect Latte. My latest blood test came out as a blend of O-negative, Robusta and Arabica.But it gets worse. Where do I go for my fix- almost daily?…Starbucks (shudder) There is a political reason I shouldn’t buy coffee there although those nice people at ‘Bucks have leaflets showing lots of happy people making my coffee in South America- so I don’t know who to believe. Anyway casting that hot potato aside, my biggest concern is the COST. Hey, I can afford it, I am a Jazz musician after all. But the huge mark-up just makes my principles quiver (not a pretty site) I calculated that the biggest mark up is in the ordering of a venti herbal tea- basically the loan of a mug (if you are lucky enough to be in when there are any ready) one teabag, no milk and some lukewarm water. It costs


One Comment on “Spilling the Beans”

  1. Peter says:

    extra hot, extra shot, semi skimmed cappuccino.
    It’s lacking something…
    semi dry.
    Do it.
    It is the future.

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