Homeopathy Heels

Today, my inbox was honoured by a message from the illustrious ‘Homeopathy Heals Campaign’. Oddly they elected not to include any of the long awaited evidential support for the use of diluted Berlin Wall for treating feelings of isolation, or any of their other 100s of homeopathic treatments. Instead a self-congratulatory message on meeting objectives, and a claim that all ‘anti-homeopathy spin’ emanates from ‘Big Pharma’ ( the same Big Pharma that sell homeopathy presumably). They also claim that Big Pharma is trying to stop their bloated cash cow of vitamins – presumably Big Pharma are so evil that they want to forego their own huge profit margins of homeopathy and vitamins because erm….oh look quantum something. Anyway, we must also beware the evils of the EU and an appeal to get behind the heroic Daily Express. We also have a warning about the skeptics making ASA complaints about false claims, and the new Nightingale Collaboration menace – those pesky devils always asking for ‘evidence’ – how silly of them not to notice that CELEBRITIES USE HOMEOPATHY. Let’s make it FASHIONABLE, (like astrology, powerbalance bracelets and Halal slaughter).

So here’s hoping we can “silence the skeptics once and for all in 2011” One approach would be to use compelling evidence, but that’s far too easy for the homeopathy heals campaign, instead it’s car stickers that will heal flailing homeopathy- just as long as they are fashionable enough.


Dear Homeopathy Heals Supporters,
The Homeopathy Heals Campaign which was launched on 8th November 2009, has been running for just over a year and we have managed to complete our initial objectives.
We are now making some important plans for the New Year to raise the profile of homeopathy and take the Campaign to new heights and these will be announced once they are underway.
There has been some restructuring and as you see, we now have a new Newsletter format. Although we have sent out 20 newsletters during the past year, some people have not been receiving them. We hope the new Newsletter will get through to you all but do configure: campaign@homeopathyheals.me.uk
into your email addressbook, so they get into your inbox.
The current state of affairs regarding homeopathy is still fraught with opposition and it has been realised that all the anti-homeopathy spin has been mainly coming out of PR companies employed by Big Pharma, who then send press releases to prominent journalists.  This is why negative articles about homeopathy in the newspapers appear to be nearly identical.
In fact it has been the big pharmaceutical companies who have powerfully lobbied the European Union to curtail natural health therapies in order to curb the competition. As you know, vitamins have already been targeted and many herbs will disappear when the EU Traditional Herbal Medicines Directive comes into force in April 2011.
We don’t yet know how homeopathy will be affected by EU directives (though tinctures may be) and there are certain groups who think they can change things by working with the EU.  They cannot, and the only way is to get Britain out altogether so we can enjoy Common Law again which allowed us to freely practise natural health therapies.
Our membership of the EU is costing us £45 million a day, never mind the bailouts, and there are now 120,000 EU laws which have been transposed into UK law.  If the 1972 European Communities Act was repealed, these laws would be null and void, as right now EU law takes precedence over UK law.  So we need to get behind the Daily Express which is advocating withdrawal or take the pledge to demand a Referendum.
As you know, homeopathy will still be available on the NHS, thanks to the Government’s announcement on 26th July but unfortunately, the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital has been renamed the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and there are still complaints about homeopathy on the NHS coming from the Government’s chief scientist.
As regards the skeptic campaigns, they have been very active.  Many of them attended the October CAM-EXPO show in London in order to pick up leaflets, scrutinise them and make as many complaints as possible to the Advertising Standards Authority.
In addition, the 1023 Campaign is planning new attacks on homeopathy in the New Year with 5th and 6th February being mentioned in their latest newsletter. There is also a new organisation called the Nightingale Collaboration which started up last month and is setting out to destroy all alternative medicine.  If you want to read more on the political/skeptics situation in the UK, read Martin Walker’s Science is the New Politics
So we need to continue promoting homeopathy, getting high profile people on our side and above all making it fashionable! This is what the Homeopathy Heals Campaign intends to do!  You will be pleased to hear that in the writers and journalists circles that the author is presently moving, there has not been a negative word against homeopathy.  So it may be that skepticism is thriving in the provinces and not in London.  There have also been a few more celebrities who have recently admitted to using homeopathy.
If anyone knows of any wealthy homeopathy supporters as potential donors, please email Louise Mclean at homeopathyhealsme@googlemail.com Thank you!
I know times are hard but if you can afford to, please donate to the Campaign.  You can write to the above email for bank details if you would like to set up a small monthly standing order or make a cheque out to:  Homeopathy Heals and post it to Homeopathy Heals, P.O. Box 64431, London, W5 9HF. Please give your name and address if you want more car stickers to give out or sell to patients, family and friends.  They stick well if they are slightly dampened on the back.
You can also help the Campaign by putting the Homeopathy Heals book on your website.  It is a very good introductory book for those new to homeopathy and we need to educate the public about its benefits.  Here is the link and you can right click the picture of the book to save it to your Pictures folder. http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/homeopathy-heals/11065132
Here’s hoping we can silence the skeptics once and for all in 2011!